artist Magnus Elias Rosengarten writing left hand notes on pieces of paper printed with text



FAEx is a non-profit arts residency program made from and for an accessible community of artists speaking up for social change and environmental sustainability.


Our world is fractured. The environment is threatened and degraded as we move away from our planet and one another. As humanity fragments into embattled tribes, it becomes even more important to create a safe workspace for those who can bridge the gaps between “Us” and “Them.” For all to flourish, it is essential to notice and nourish the vision within each person and their potential for expression and collaboration. Effective advocacy and activism must be pervasive through all parts of society- we look to our artists for their messages/vision, and form deeper emotional resonances/reactions beyond subjective facts.  Public discourse has stifled many voices, and the Freehold Art Exchange is committed to counteracting silence, institutional oppression and disconnection between marginalized groups. We vow to provide a safe and inclusive space where an artist’s inner vision can catch and spread among a supportive community of diverse perspectives. Artists need to speak their truths and our world needs to be able to hear them- we want to provide the conduit.


Resources for artists are increasingly scarce and competitive, and FAEx tries to counteract that trend. We provide a stage for multi-discipline art that supports the planet and basic human rights, and we offer a safe space to challenge audiences with alternatives to the status quo as presented by the contemporary art climate.  We are committed to creating a community for changemakers, based in collaboration, mutual respect, and radical generosity.

Built on a work-exchange model, we provide residencies regardless of income. An artist could directly contribute to the program with their skills and labor. Or they can pay a fee so they can fully immerse themselves in their work. Eventually we hope to offer an annual scholarship residency as well as a community service residency where artists have the option to continue their projects in collaboration with our partners in the Hudson Valley.

The residency is located on the co-founder’s fifty-seven acres of wooded land near the Catskills in the hamlet of Freehold, NY. FAEx is removed from the urban environment, but close enough to benefit from the thriving culture of the Hudson Valley and New York City.  Artists-in-residence live in a newly constructed three-bedroom residency house and share studio spaces with local artists in the repurposed dairy barn. All artists are invited to participate in the communal organic garden or take walks in our forest. Between residencies, our Patron Rental program rents the residence to directly subsidize artists-in-residence.

Intrinsic to FAEx’s mission is the belief that art can rebuild our world for the better. Freehold Art Exchange’s resources have developed through the collaboration between local and resident artists, craftsmen and thinkers who give their time and energy in exchange for studio access and quiet respite. We are committed to using our network to help artists develop their ideas and make meaningful relationships. And ideally, those who participate will remain a part of our growing community.

To discuss supporting our mission or applying for a potential residency: (518.421.0388)  |  info@freeholdartexchange.org

wide shot of barn on FAEx property

A former dairy barn now serves as studio spaces for artists-in-residence.

snowy wintertime wide shot of barn from farmhouse

interior of smaller unfinished 2D studio

One of the artist studio spaces in the barn.

Diane Truong seated in the dirt of the organic garden, weeding