FAEx is proud to announce our 2021 Artists-In-Residence!

Catherine Monahon

Catherine Monahon in front of their performance materials.

Catherine Monahon is an audio storyteller and multimedia artist with a background in art education; based in Oakland, CA and from NY state, they consider this residency a “homecoming” of sorts. This two-part group residency is divided into two focuses, with two different groups of artists exploring audio and pollinators. The Audio Residency is dedicated to audio as a storytelling material; joined by investigative journalist Lucy Kang and musician Liz de Lise, the group will explore how sound can conduct emotion, shape a story and transport the listener. Personal projects include narrative building, songwriting and site-specific soundscapes. The Pollinator Residency is an opportunity to learn from interspecific relationships, specifically bees, beekeeping and working with wax as a creative material. Joined by writer and beekeeper Ang Roell and fiber artist Selena Loomis, the group will explore the properties of beeswax, the art of foraging and personal practices of writing, quilting and recording.


May 31st-June 14th, Anne Devine will be joining us to explore her project ‘Burying the Hatchet,’ …please stay tuned for more details!